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New Space Commitee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/11/2014


New Space Committee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/11/2014


This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting, only because we didn't have the time set at least 30 days in advance. No one took minutes, so unfortunately we don't know what work got done. Ah... A bit of info has trickled in. wink

Members in attendance:

  1. Weston Turner
  2. Darrel Perko
  3. James Hukill
  4. Jason Petorak
  5. Cord Slatton-Valle
  6. Marie Slatton-Valle
  7. Bob Miller
  8. Clif Cox (late)
  9. Ben Hallert
  10. Mark Danburg-Wild


We had a pretty good turnout, Weston said that when he saw the Wilson space he liked it but it gave him great apprehensive about the financial liability. So a lot of the agenda in his mind was to work on more ways to ramp up our revenue (an ongoing theme), get the stakeholders involved go over the proposed revenues (worst case scenario), and then talk seriously about grants and sponsorships.

Acton items:

  • James is learning from his biz friends what they want to hear. and how to approach them for donations.
  • Weston is working on getting money from his employer also.
  • Others should do the same.
  • Should one of us send out a prompt for the committee to beat the bushes for sponsorship?
  • Come up with a nice bullet list that we can all share when approaching new donors.
-- ClifCox - 13 Jan 2014
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