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META TOPICPARENT name="EmsMinutes"

New Space Commitee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/04/2014


New Space Committee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/04/2014


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META TOPICPARENT name="EmsMinutes"

New Space Commitee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/04/2014

This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting This was a formal committee meeting.
This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting, only because we didn't have the time set at least 30 days in advance. Weston took minutes, and Clif cleaned them up.

Members in attendance:

  1. Weston Turner
  2. Darrel Perko
  3. Taper Wikel
  4. James Hukill
  5. Nathan Worth
  6. Dirk Godsey
  7. Cord Slatton-Valle
  8. Marie Slatton-Valle
  9. Bob Miller
  10. Clif Cox
  11. Kassie Kaplan
  12. Ben Hallert
  13. Sam Foster
  14. Mark Danburg-Wild

Question 0: how do we define ourselves?

Maybe we need to modify our mission statement. Do we double our space and expenses, and assume more responsibilities and have more community involvement or remain more or less a club house where members work on stuff?

Question 1: Where do we move and when?

Well, since we only have one place that has agreed to our low ball offer that answers the where at least. However we can't commit yet because sadly, we don't have all the utilities info for this space.

Question 2: What new revenue streams can we use to fund the new space?


Some classes would be free or reduced cost for members.
  • welding
  • soldering (James)
  • sewing (Marie)
  • cooking
  • python programming (Weston)
  • raspberry pi (Cord)
  • robotics (Weston)
  • 3D printer and printing (James?)
  • home brewing (James)
  • bike maintenance
  • html/css/internet/web (Sam)
  • 3D modeling (Kassie)

Co-location fees, (partners):

This is basically just renting out our meeting area to other groups, though if they want to be more involved with us they are always welcome.
  • Model rocket club
  • join a project (semi-colocation, but group project based see 4)

LAN parties

This is like a glorified meeting room rental.

Group projects (New):

This is a way to bring in people who want a little bit more structure on their projects, and or who just want to join someones else's project. They wouldn't have to be members per se, but would get a discount if they were. The idea is that a project would be somewhere between a class and a membership. There would be a physical goal to complete, part of which you might share or be able to take home. Or not...
  • Vacuum former
  • target range
  • Near space balloon
  • Pumpkin chunckers

Possible advertising channels:

  • craigslist
  • KLCC
  • local paper
  • sponsorship
  • See business plan on EMS website

Renting out various spaces

  • Shelf space
  • Bay space
  • Floating project space (on a desk or roller cart)
  • Member offices/desks
See the other business plan pages for more examples of these.

Kits, swag, shirts, hats, etc..


Get sample letters of inquiry, post them on the wiki

Fund raisers

May include open houses, bake sales etc...


  • Some sponsorship can be permanent or semi-permanent
  • Some can be one-shot

Pre-next-meeting requirements and action items:

Make public our revenue and expenditure statements. Public business plan, including financial model.

Get utilities costs on prospective space(s).

Action Items:

  • Financials prepare and publish a more comprehensive budget (Weston 1 week)
  • Get best, worst, and average case utility costs (Clif)
  • We can also get EWEB and NW Natural bills directly (Darrell)
  • Give notice to move out
  • Get folding tables and folding tables
  • PSA advertising for our move


  1. Wen should we have our next open house?
  2. When is the next mini-maker faire?
  3. Do we need 60 days notice in order to move out?


There is a general consensus that we must move to a bigger space. Per question 0, the sentiment is that we should embrace the larger Maker Space model, offering more community outreach etc..

We also decided to hold the next Business planning meeting next Saturday at the same time. At that time we will have a more comprehensive budget worked out, which will be made public for the membership to evaluate.
We talked briefly about the additional revenue streams that we would need to afford the new space and then since Kassie was spearheading the classes initiative, we dove right in on that one.

Resources needed (or wanted) by Classes


  • Tables and Chairs
    • Check with 4J and Bring.
  • Internet
  • Some tools
  • Computer workstations would be nice.
  • Permanently mounted Projector.
  • Sound system
  • Podium.and Gavel. smile
  • Kitchenette
    • Fridge
    • Hot plate
    • Toaster oven
    • Microwave


Kassie Noted that we will need the ability to prepay and keep track of students. How do we take money, Set prices and have discounts? Having good accounting and inventory is central to all our revenue streams. Need shopping cart for classes and the ability to refund or partially refund payments. Need to see a list of registered students.
  • Web based front end.
  • Ability to prepay, and refund online.
  • Keep track of registration.
  • Set prices and have discounts.
Some possible payment systems: Credit Card? Paypal Greendot money, Google wallet, Authorize.net, Dwolla 25c for trans over $10, plus $20/mo Bitcoin, litecoin.


How do we get more teachers? Advertise? What media outlets should we use? All teachers are contractors and we will have to give them 1099s.

Possible Classes: Blender 1, 2, 3, gimp, intro electronics, intro Arduino, intro soldering, Chain mail A and B, intro to welding, intro to kit building. Casting of various materials.

Check with James on his thoughts for advertising. Classes / Teachers, and meetings would probably use different meadia outlets.

Resources needed by Meetings

Note that most of the same resources are needed for renting out the room(s) for other groups meeting places.

Other Notes:

If we rent just one office that may increase the utilities enough to nullify the income from that office if no one else is there during the week days.

Action Items:

  • Dust off openERP and look for shopping cart integration.
  • Develop Curricula.
  • Talk to Kevin and get info on treasurer stuff.
  • Send email do committee list to ask for tables and chairs.
  • Look at authorize.net and Dwolla
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