Difference: SpacePlan (r3 vs. r2)

Plan for moving to a new space

When we move to a new space, we are going to really be stretching our wallets. We need to have an action plan to ensure we are doing everything we can to increase our income to afford the new space.


Here is a list of possible income sources. Check this budget page to see how this might work.

  • Membership dues
  • Rent out time in a conference/presentation room
  • Potentially rent out office space
  • Classes
  • Rent storage space to large projects
  • Donations
  • Grants

We need to find ways to increase our income in those areas.

Membership Dues

Up until December 2013, membership dues have been pretty much our only source of income. What do we need to do to increase our membership dues income? What are some ideas?

  • Hold a re-grand opening event to draw in new members. Really show off the space and make it known that people should sign up.
  • Advertise
    • Word of mouth
    • Free online calendars
    • Craigslist
    • Radio
    • TV
    • Newspaper
    • ???
  • Incentives to members who sign up other members?
  • Increase dues?
  • Better incentives for membership
    • Member-only events/times/days
    • Regular outside presentations that are only available to members

Conference Room

There has been talk of building a class/conference/presentation room of sorts. We can use this to hold internal classes, or rent out time to outside groups to use EMS as their location for their meetups and events.

  • Build the room and make it worth paying for
  • How do we find groups that need space?
    • Advertise on craigslist
    • Call other well known meetup spaces and ask them to send people our way if groups can't afford the other rates or if the other space is booked
    • ???
  • Who is going to do this and how often?

Rent out Office Space

Maybe we can rent out an office to a single EMS member to work out of. Or maybe we can rent one office to several members with multiple desks as a co-working space.

  • Does the new location have room for this?
  • Can we afford desks and basic office necessities?
  • How do we find people who want to pay for this level of access?
  • Who is going to look for them and how often?


Kassie built a contract for instructors to hold classes at EMS. With a dedicated classroom space, this becomes a very viable option. She Notes that we will need the ability to prepay and keep track of students.

  • Build a nice classroom space space.
    • get some folding chairs and tables.
    • Check with 4J and Bring.
  • How do we find people who want to teach and are good at teaching?
  • How do we schedule these things to ensure we always have something constantly scheduled for steady income?
  • How do we find people/members who are interested in taking any given class?

Rent storage space

Bob's recent storage proposal is a good start on this. We occasionally have larger projects that take up a lot of room at EMS. Even with a larger space we will need to ensure things don't get out of hand and the space stays tidy. Charging rent for larger projects could be a good way to make a little extra income.


How can we get more people to donate more money? Can we volunteer more time with other groups, kids, etc? We need something at the shop right at the entrance that says DONATE HERE! How do we make people feel like they really want to donate?


There is a lot of government money out there up for grabs.

  • How do we find grants that we can apply for?
  • How do we apply?
  • Who's job is it to look for this stuff?
  • Who's job is it to fill out the applications?
  • How do we find someone who knows what they are doing to help us get started?

-- RickO - 27 Nov 2013

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