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New Space Commitee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/18/2014

This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting, only because we didn't have the time set at least 30 days in advance.Ir advance. It started about 1:01Pm 1:01pm

Members in attendance:

  1. Weston Turner
  2. Rick Osgood
  3. James Hukill
  4. Jason Sam Foster Petorak?
  5. Sam
  6. Marie Slatton-Valle
  7. Bob Miller
  8. Clif Cox
  9. Ben Hallert
  10. Mark Danburg-Wild
  11. Tim Heilman
  12. Ellery Weber
  13. Don Easton


  • Discuss the latest LOI (letter of intent) for the 584 Wilson space (Clif)
  • Discuss our website and changes we need/want to make:
    • Why is our site "just a blog"? (Bob)
    • What should our 72pt font call to action be? (Bob)
    • What can we put on our About EMS page, such as a mission statement etc..
    • Should we have a base page that puts a face on us that is fairly static? (Greg)
    • Show off individual projects or community outreach by splitting these into separate sub pages? (Greg)
  • Answer the questions:
    • "Why should I sponsor/contribute to EMS?" (Sam)
    • "What do we do, what do we have, who do we work with, what do we want, and what are our plans for the future?
  • Discuss the School Factory Fundraising fund raising Workshop (Mark)
    • Talk about main ideas that members took away from watching it
    • Go through Darrell's notes

LOI Discuss

We went over the LOI. further talk on wilson, compaird Wilson, compared it to others likje like the second tienn. Tyinn. No really viable other spaces. Still some trepidatin trepidation about the high cost. Next we should sign it ASAP.

Discuss Marks video he pointed us at and talk about some of the changes that we might make to our site.


  • Foundation founding
  • Corporate funding
    • What is a reasonable amount to ask for?
    • Have a list of things to ask for if they say no to the first few items
    • A lot of spaces have a friends catagory category to direct a newsletter to. and who you could hit them up for semi annual support..
  • The School factory has some resources to help with the funding search
  • Westons takeaways:
    • When applying for grants noone no one will fund either rent or staff
    • Workarounds are haveing having a pie chart for a project that includes some porttion portion for rent and staff.
    • Why should we donames? donate? because we compliment your org and mision. mission.
    • Kickstarters are only viabbe viable for major projects
    • indi Indi gogo has looser requirements so you might get away with reising raising money for rent / staff etc..

Talked about being ohnest honest in what we want even though you might be able to finagle money thorugh through other projecrs. projects. We could ask for money to host a classes for free from a sponsor. Then we can have garanteed guaranteed income for rent and ramp of our clases. cases.

Strategye Strategy for secureing securing donations (Ben)

a lot of companies will have mission statemnts statements that talk about outreach. we should target the interesction intersection between our two groups. We check your box if you check ours! wink

This was reinforced by the video.

Tim: find out what they want, then offer it to them.

Sam, come up with a short list of potinetal potential funders

Weston: we don't have staff, but it would be much easyer easier if we were big eniugh enough to have paid staff.

We are small and have working board and whatevery whatever volunteer tiem time we can get.

Sam says there was a gruop group that got 25 vounteers volunteers just dieing to help! and they put them to work. SO have a prepared list of volunteer activitvity. activity.

Tom C showed up at 13:50

Website and changes we could make

Marie was looking at Maker Hos. reorganzie reorganize to make it look nicer. links to press, have a FAQ. cincise concise info . better info about whta what we offer, who ew we are. classes. press relses, releases, video, mission state statement. ment. mailing list links. news letter list.

Weston: how could we more compartimentalize compartmentalize the content and index.

Ben: wordpredd organizee wordpress organized as posts and pages. our is set up as posts / blog. news letter also on forum.

Have something in 72 point type!

Encourage all to sign our guest book. Implecitly Implicitly sing up all guest book entries to the news letter

DIscussion Discussion about our pitches for sponsors

what are we doing wrong. wehat what do we expect to give back.

Ben my wife's on the board for sore monday? Monday? putting together elevator pitchs pitches to get your fott foot in the door. great for sponsors.

Tim thinks you should know exacly exactly who you are and what you want. James dissagres disagrees he wants more feedback from to feel out what we can get.

Trying to restore inovation innovation lab science, and teaching - skills.

have a few testomoinials. testimonials.

TImeing Timing

are Are we liable for 60 days? yes. how can we time it for minimal over lap.

Summary (old):

We had a great turnout, Weston said that when he saw the Wilson space he liked it but it gave him great apprehensive about the financial liability. So a lot of the agenda in his mind was to work on more ways to ramp up our revenue (an ongoing theme), get the stakeholders involved go over the proposed revenues (worst case scenario), and then talk seriously about grants and sponsorships.

Acton items (old):

  • Get our PR media kit done James Maie, Sam, RIck Rick , Weston
  • board email action to sent off LOI
  • Rick can you findout find out if we paid first and or last?
  • Bring back the awsom awesome teeshirt lady.

Old items.

  • James is learning from his biz friends what they want to hear. and how to approach them for donations.
  • Weston is working on getting money from his employer also.
  • Others should do the same.
  • Should one of us send out a prompt for the committee to beat the bushes for sponsorship?
  • Come up with a nice bullet list that we can all share when approaching new donors.

Done! Agerned adjournment at 2:47PM

-- ClifCox - 13 Jan 2014

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