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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 06/19/2013

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2, Eugene OR on June 19th, 2013. The meeting convened at 6:23 PM, Kassie, presiding, and Clif Cox secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Clif, Kevin, Kassie
Board Members not in attendance: Rick, and Bob

Quorum present? Provisional with Rick's or Bob's Waiver

Also Present Were: none

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Recap of mini maker faire
  4. Treasurs Treasures report
  5. Discussion aout genarc about generic ramp up of costs for a new space.

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Kassie, and seconded by Kevin to approve this meeting's proposed agenda.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Clif read the minutes, and keven Kevin noted that I left out the membership part of the forms he was finding.

MOTION- Kevin moved, and Clif Seconded that:we ammend amend the 5/1 miinutes 05/01 minutes to say he was getting the membership forrms. forms.

Kassie abstainds abstains rest ayes.

Motion Carried

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Clif , and seconded by Kevin to approve the minutes as amended, of the XX meeting.

Kassie abstainds abstains rest ayes.

Motion carried.

Mark arries! Arrives!

Mini Maker Faire recap

Didn't seem like a whole lot more people in attendence attendance at least from the outside. So it seems like more people were inside. 6 tables inside last year but this year was about 10. For a total of about 17 tabls. tables. Hard to say but Kevin thinks there may have been about the same total number in attendence. Mabye attendance. Maybe Nick knows. In general there was tighter security. The robot scociety society was more prominent. We had two tents this year up from one last year! we had four tables. The 3D printers were a big hit. Spin bots were a hit! smileWent though all the post cards. It seems likly likely we will get a couple of sign ups out of it. Lots of flyers fliers went etc... The journelist journalist who intervied interviewed us earlyer earlier was also at the faire doing an article about fathers and sons. An RG reporter intervierd interviewed Rick and plugged EMS with lots of details. Some kids from FHK Family Hack Night came with their inventions, which generated some interest.

Officers' reports:


Currently 28 Members. Seems like we have about 26 paying members. But we could generate reminder emails again. Lately we've been getting about a member a month.

Our back account has: $1073.08

Discussion on ramp up.

New Space costs

  • rent
  • utils.


  • renting out talk space
  • Classes
  • studio spaces that you didn't have to clean up.
  • renting storage space.

fair price is X but it we will pay Y then you can take a deduction on the difference. .Accumulate. a cussion cushion for the first six months while our rates are low. (From a core group). tie our rent and utils utilities payments to a prorated amount based on membership. take an assmentment assessment after six months with a two month close out period for moving out. Set minimus minimums but if we do better then they get the gravy. Kassie says tie it just to dates.Suggest a total price to the owner.

Revisit tierred tiered levels. like a lower cost for non-key members.

[Subject title]

MOTION - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

MOTION - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

New business:

[Subject title]

MOTION - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

Other topics of discussion:

Action Items:



  • Find ball park insurance quote from Shcool factory. School Factory.


  • Contact Relater about average, utils. set exptectationps. expectations.
  • To work on first drafts on proposals.
  • Ask insurance agent about new relistic realistic rates for 5000.



  • Remembuse Reimburse Clif for EMS Cert.
  • Send Fertilab docs


  • to put up a google Google Doc with some numbers for the new space.
  • To help Clif on severl several intent to lease senarios. scenarios.


Kassie moved for adjournment, Seconded by Kevin

Unanimous, the meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM.

____________________________ ___________________
Secretary Date of approval
Eugene Maker Space

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