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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 04/03/2013

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2, Eugene OR on April 3rd , 2013. The meeting convened at 6:19 PM, Rick Osgood, presiding, and Clif Cox secretary.

Board Members in attendance:all Clif, Rick, Kassie
Board Members not in attendance:none Bob, Kevin

Quorum present?Yes / Provisional Yes, Bob signed a waver ahead of time.

Also Present Were: none

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Plan next membership meeting
  4. Inventory Report
  5. Insurance Report

Approval of Agenda:Motion was made by XX, Rick, and seconded by XX Clif to approve this meeting's proposed agenda (as amended?)

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Approval of minutes:Motion was made by XX Clif , and seconded by XX Rick to approve the minutes (as amended?) of the XX 03/06/2013 meeting.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Officers' reports:

President Secretary Treasurer

Inventory Report

Board and committee reports: Kassie:Still waiting on the refurbashed fire extingishure. Taper may spearhead or help in inventorying the storage area.

Were materials distributed at the meeting? If so, are copies or a link available?

Insurance Report

Unfinished business:

Clif: the fisrt company our Agient tried to line up for us shied away, apparently because they didn't like the info presented to them, and we don't fit in a catagory they are fimerure with.

[Subject title]

Scheduling the next mebership meeting

MOTION It's hard to find a good time when everyone can meet. Less than half of our members seem to respond to our doodle (scheduling request). What we got was a very slight preference for an open hack night evening, and a lessor preference for a Saturday afternoon. We decided to add a Hack your Hacker Space informal meeting the last full week of the month. If there is enough interest in having a formal general membership meeting at the end of the month then that can also happen. - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

MOTION - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

New business:

[Subject title]

MOTION - XX moved, and XX Seconded that:

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried / Failed.

Other topics of discussion:

Action Items:


  • Keep working on the fire extingishure.


  • Email the group about HyHS.


  • Keep working on Insurance





XX Clif moved for adjournment, Seconded by XX. Kassie

Unanimous, the meeting was adjourned at 7:07 PM.

____________________________ ___________________
Secretary Date of approval
Eugene Maker Space

-- ClifCox - 04 Apr 2013

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