Pro / Con Rating List

Required upgrades Average Average None
Noise Limits Average Excelent Average
Security of our area below average Good None
Location Decent A bit out there Very good
Bike Friendly Good Below average Very good
Foot Traffic? Good Poor Very good
Well defined areas No, very organic Yes No, shared
24/7 Access Not great in the short term Excelent Poor
Distractions? Small children, Live-ins Trains Few
Included Tools? Some Few Jackpot!
Description Tine House Roosevelt Craft Center
Size of EMS Space Unknown or smallish 900sqft? shared only
Price Very good, almost free A bit of a stretch Average
Liability Insurance Will work with us Must have own pollicy They have their own
Association WIth Tine house None. Possibly with the U
Good Neighbors? Yes Above average Very good
Month to Month? Yes Yes Yes
Allowed to modify? Yes Yes No

-- ClifCox - 2011-04-18
Topic revision: r3 - 02 May 2011, ClifCox

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