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CountrySorted ascending State FirstName LastName Organization
    Tanda Linde  
    Ben Hallert  
    Bob Miller  
    Boris Bartlog  
    Cord Slatton  
    Darrell Perko  
    Geoffrey Rarman  
    Gottfried Garmond  
    Greg Norman  
    James Hukill  
    Karen Englebeck  
    Kassandra Kaplan  
    kevin forsyth  
    kevin forsythe  
    Marie Slatton-Valle  
    Mark Davis  
    Mary Bach-Jackson  
    Michael Bacarella  
    Piotr Esden-Tempski  
    Robert Feher  
    Roxan Roxas  
    Sam Foster  
    Scott Schering  
    tom conlin  
    Tom Upchurch  
    Weston Turner  
    Yuko Richie  
Canada   Bless Leone  
France   isabelle BONDI  
United States Oregon Clif Cox EMS
United States OR Paul A Makerspace open night visitor
United States Oregon Robert Meyer Eugene Maker Space
United States   Jeff Johnson  
USA   Ellery Weber  
USA   Gene Davis  
USA   Jeff Gent  
USA   Jeff Owrey Spinner Dolphin
USA   Kevin King Eugene Maker Space
USA   Rick O  
USA Oregon Robert Kelley Kali Laboratories, LLC
USA   Thomas Ramsey Eugene Maker Space
USA   Veronica Gomez  
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